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Tips to Stunning Custom Box Design

Welcome to the second part, be sure to read the box design tips carefully. It will be a major step for your box design and your brand.

8. Make it Easy to Read

When planning a packaging, try to make it simple to read for the customers. Using a text dimension that has the right size is a great way to get your product into the eyes of the buyers. The content ought to be estimated at over 6 points, and the brand name should be at 10 points and up.

9. Include Illustrations

Box design can look boring and basic without adding any illustrations. Illustrative components are additionally a chance to build up a brand story and to simply tell us more about the product on the first look.

10. Use Patterning

Patterning is an incredible method to include decorative materials and visual interest to a design.

11. Packaging is Protection

Packaging for some items have a meaning, and that is to look pretty as well as protecting the product from any damage. So that’s why you have to choose the materials for the box really carefully. Because if they are too cheap, then your product might get damaged.

12. Make it Fit in a Budget

Try to see if you have the budget for it, if not later try and use a rubber stamp to make a packaging label, it’s really cheap, and everyone can buy it.

13. Extra-Special

If you want your package too to look exclusive and luxurious, try adding some designs like twine, ribbons, or other decorative stuff.

20. Think about Where It’s Going

When picking a packaging to consider where it is going, where it will be housed and racked.  When choosing the state of your last item, this is a key thing.

21. Remember the Details

A designer needs to add the finishing touches so the design can look perfect and balanced.

22. Utilize 3D Revolve

To create the design on your pc and to see it first before starting the process, you can use the 3D Revolve Tool.

23. Utilize Good Quality Materials

Try to put a lot of investigation into what kind of quality materials you need. If it’s a really expensive product, try to use the best quality material possible. You don’t want the buyers to feel like wasting their money.

24. Go Eco-Friendly

The field of eco or green packaging has been a lot more used frequently, and you can find a lot of different eco-packaging boxes. So it will help in saving the planet, and your customers will love your work because of that.

25. Attempt Wood or Cork

Wood and cork veneer is additionally another and on-pattern arrangement you can discover in packaging today. The wood facade has a provincial yet premium look that numerous buyers like. And they feel like buying a luxury item.

Be sure to see part three, where we will continue our designing tips.

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